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Эрмитажный театр 

Address: Dvortsovaja emb.,34

The building of the Hermitage Theatre is one of the buildings of Hermitage. The Hermitage Theatre was originally intended for imperial family and grand people. The hall is quite small and seats only 250 spectators. 
The Hermitage Theatre was built by order of Catherine the Great in 1782-1785 to a design by the architect Giacomo Quarenghi. It was constructed in the austere Neoclassical style on the site of what was once Peter I's Winter Palace. Its unusual auditorium was designed to resemble an amphitheatre, the walls and columns decorated with coloured imitation marble. Statues of Apollo and the nine Muses are placed in niches, with bas-relief portraits of famous musicians and poets above them.

 Thank to repairs and restoration of the entire building in 80-ies now you can enjoy the luxurious interior of the theatre. In the course of the reconstruction, modern equipment was installed, including that necessary for simultaneous translation (up to five languages at any one time), a film projector with reverse projection, and computerized light control equipment. Nowadays the Hermitage Theatre Hall and all rooms are fully renovated. 

Everyday The Hermitage Theatre has performances, concerts, ballet. Because of the small capacity of the auditorium ticket price is high enough, however, unfair to lower ticket prices in the visual halls European theaters.




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