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Михайловский театр

Address: Arts Square, 1
The Mikhailovsky Theatre  is the first musical theatre in Saint-Petersburg. The theatre building is situated on the opposite side of Mikhailovsky Palace, which is made in classic style. The facade is made by Carl Rossi projects to make the ensemble of Arts Square complete. Alexander Brullov, the architect of this building, created a wonderful box: you can’t believe that behind this unpretentious facade there is a theatre with magnificent interior: silver and velvet, mirrors, crystals, paintings and sculpt.

Михайловский театр

The theatre  was opened on 8th November 1833. It was named in honour of Grand Duke Mikhail - brother of Emperor Nicholas I. The same year the French troupe, which had previously shared the stage with Russian actors in another recently completed theatre, the Alexandrinsky, moved into the new building. The eighty-five year-long life of the French Theatre in St. Petersburg started by ballet Love in the village from Ballet Master Alexis Blanchet and vaudeville Peter Karatygina Familiar strangers. On 6 March 1918, a performance of Il barbiere di Siviglia, based on Gioacchino Rossini's comic opera, was given in the premises of the former Mikhailovsky Theatre, which had been abandoned by the French company and its pre-revolutionary public. This event marks the starting point of the modern period of the theatre's history. Transferred from the Mariinsky stage, the performance of the opera signified the birth of yet another opera house in the city. 
The name of theatre was changed for many times, but eventually in 2007 theatre got the original name back — the Mikhailovsky Theatre. 
Opera and ballet companies of  Mikhailovsky Theatre  perform all around the world. On January 2010 the Mikhailovsky Ballet performed year in Japan once again. The successful debut of the company in London in 2008 made it possible to enhance the program and make the new visit longer. In the summer 2010, Mikhailovsky Ballet will perform in The London Coliseum. 



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