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Мариинский театрAddress:  Санкт-Петербург, Театральная пл., д.1

The Mariinsky Theatre repertoire includes world-known compositions to the ballet and opera stages – Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, La Sylphide, Zhizel, La Bayadère, Don Quixote, The Sleeping Beauty, Eugene Onegin, Prince Igor, Aida.

The are two stages – Mariinsky Theatre and Concert Hall. Both stages have ballet and theatre performances. Classic and symphonic orchestras give a concert here as well.


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Михайловский театр

Address: Arts Square, 1
The Mikhailovsky Theatre  is the first musical theatre in Saint-Petersburg. The theatre building is situated on the opposite side of Mikhailovsky Palace, which is made in classic style. The facade is made by Carl Rossi projects to make the ensemble of Arts Square complete. Alexander Brullov, the architect of this building, created a wonderful box: you can’t believe that behind this unpretentious facade there is a theatre with magnificent interior: silver and velvet, mirrors, crystals, paintings and sculpt.

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Эрмитажный театр 

Address: Dvortsovaja emb.,34

The building of the Hermitage Theatre is one of the buildings of Hermitage. The Hermitage Theatre was originally intended for imperial family and grand people. The hall is quite small and seats only 250 spectators. 

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Александрийский театр

Address: Ostrovskogo square, 2

There are classic performances Seagull, Unckle Vanya, Revizor, Gamlet at stage of Alexandrinsky theatre. The theatre is open also for performances of Festival Golden Mask and for foreign theatre companies.
The Russian State Drama Theatre served as an attribute of the Russian state system for over two and a half centuries. It was founded by the Senate’s Decree, signed by Empress Elizabeth (daughter of Peter the Great). This theatre is the progenitor of all Russian theatres. The date of its foundation 30 August 1756 is the birthday of the Russian professional theatre.  

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Большой Драматический Театр им. Товстоногова (БДТ)

Address: emb. of Fontanka, 65

The main stage repertoire includes Russian, world classical performances and modern drama. Such as Talents and Admires by Ostrovsky, Maria Stuart by Shiller, Heart break House by Shaw, Twelfth Night of What you will by Shakespeare, Californian Suite by Simone, Quartette by Harwood, The Night of Christmas Eve by Gogol, Unckle’s Dream by Dostoevsky.


At the small stage: The Old Man and The Sea by Hemigway, The Lady with a doggie by Chekhov, «Norway. Today» Bauershim, Cats-Mice by Erken, Atande by Pushkin’s Queen of Spades.

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   Address: emb. of  Fontanka, 114

This theatre is full of life. It runs cross-theatrical skits, rehearsals and performances, which are difficult to get to in.  Even steps of this theatre turn out some kind of desired seats at the stalls. 



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